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APSA Committees carry out a number of different critical functions for the association. To learn more about a specific committee, click on the “View Committee” button below.

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Access to Surgery for Kids

Jonathan Kohler – Chair
Mary Fallat – Vice Chair
Ken Gow – Vice Chair

APSA and SVS Pediatric Vascular Disease Task Force

Dawn Coleman – Lead
Regan Williams – Co-Lead
David Rothstein – Co-Lead

Audit Committee

Colin Knight – Chair
William Middlesworth – Vice Chair

Benjy Brooks Committee

Erin E. Perrone – Chair
Claudia Emami – Vice Chair


David Powell – Chair


David A. Rodeberg – Chair
Jennifer Aldrink – Vice Chair

Childhood Obesity

Thomas H. Inge – Chair
TBD – Vice Chair

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Kathryn Martin – Chair
Morgan Richards – Vice Chair

Education Committee

Eunice Y. Huang – Chair
Grace Mak – Vice Chair


Erica M. Carlisle – Chair
Baddr Shakhsheer – Vice Chair

Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment

Darrell L. Cass – Chair
George Mychaliska – Vice Chair


Marjorie J. Arca – Chair

Global Pediatric Surgery

Sanjay Krishnaswami – Chair
Robin Petroze – Vice Chair

Health Policy and Advocacy

Kenneth W. Gow – Chair
Joanne Baerg – Vice Chair

History Committee

Rob Russell – Chair
Romeo Ignacio – Vice Chair

Industry and Institutional Advisory

James K. Wall – Chair
Samir Pandya – Vice Chair

Membership & Credentials

Samuel Z. Soffer – Chair
Peter Midulla – Vice Chair

New Technology

Bethany J. Slater – Chair
Brian Gulack – Vice Chair


Sarah Walker – Chair

Outcomes and Evidence-Based Practice

Eblast Subcommittee
IT/Website Subcommittee
Survey Subcommittee

Robert J. Baird – Chair
Lorraine Kelley-Quon – Vice Chair

Practice Committee

Mauricio A. Escobar – Chair
Marcene McVay Gillam – Vice Chair

Professional Development Committee

Craig W. Lillehei – Co-Chair
Charles L. Snyder – Co-Chair


Kathleen Van Leeuwen – Chair
Marion Henry – Vice Chair


Romeo C. Ignacio – Chair
Hannah Piper – Vice Chair

Research Committee

Shaun M. Kunisaki – Chair
Harold Lovvorn – Vice Chair

Right Child/Right Surgeon Task Force

John Waldhausen – Chair

Surgical Critical Care

Laura A. Boomer– Chair
Adam Vogel – Vice Chair

Surgical Quality & Safety

Quality in Value Award Subcommittee

Monica E. Lopez – Chair
Raquel Gonzalez – Vice Chair


Christian J. Streck – Chair
Regan Williams – Vice Chair

Wellness Committee

Terry Buchmiller – Chair
Loren Berman – Vice Chair


Abigail E. Martin – Chair
Anthony DeRoss – Vice Chair