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The APSA Outcomes and Evidence-based Practice Committee is dedicated to helping our membership identify best-practice and appropriate standards for clinical management of pediatric surgical disease. Often, the best evidence may consist of opinions and experiences of our membership. Correctly quantifying these experiences and opinions is of critical inportance.

One of the committee’s responsibilities, as assigned by the APSA Board of Governors, is to examine and approve surveys requested for distribution to the general membership. Thus, the committee has developed guidelines for survey development and administration for use by the APSA membership. These guidelines have been approved by the Board of Governors. The purpose of the guidelines is to ensure that those surveys forwarded to the membership are well designed and worth their effort.


Process for Survey Approval

Any researcher who requests the time and effort of the APSA membership to participate in a survey should send the proposed survey, (review Survey Guidelines above), to the Chair of the APSA Outcomes and Evidence-based Practice Committee. The survey will be forwarded to the chair of the subcommittee on surveys for review. Further modifications to the survey may be required by the committee members. Strict adherence to the survey guidelines published above are required, and surveys that do not have rigorous design will not be considered. The committee can also serve as a focus group for applicants with limitations in their access to other research and aid in designing surveys and vetting questions. If approval is given, an e-mail is sent to the APSA membership, with the intent of having the survey open for 30 days. The researcher is responsible for providing the online format for administering the survey (e.g. Survey Monkey). The survey should be analyzed within a reasonable amount of time after the close of the survey. At the conclusion of the analysis, the Outcomes and Evidence-based Practice Committee requires the researcher to communicate the results to the APSA Headquarters. Note: The results may be shared with the APSA membership.


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