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Resources for Patients & Families

Children aren’t just little adults. Medical diagnoses and treatments (and even some surgical tools!) need to be specialized for a child’s developmental stage and size. Some medical conditions are specific to children. The APSA Patient and Families resource pages are designed to help you better understand what is happening when considering pediatric surgery.

How Can a Pediatric Surgeon Help?

Pediatric surgeons specialize in the surgical care of children. They are surgeons who, by training, are oriented toward working with children and understanding their special needs.

Learn More About Your Child’s Condition

APSA has provided information on a variety of pediatric medical conditions, and we hope it will help with discussions between you and your child’s medical professionals. Conditions are arranged alphabetically. We will continue to add to and update the list.

Find a Pediatric Surgeon

There are special considerations when operating on the pediatric population. APSA members are board certified surgeons whose practice is devoted entirely to pediatric surgery. Find an APSA member pediatric surgeon in your area who has the expertise to best treat your little ones.  Click here to view the Pediatric Surgeon Directory.

Note: not all APSA members have elected to be included.


In addition, parents may want to read “Who Will Hold My Hand? A Guide for Parents Whose Child Needs an Operation” (PDF) written by Kathryn D. Anderson, MD, for the American College of Surgeons.