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APSA History

Twenty-four surgeons came together as an organizing group, and after a year of intensive meetings, the founding meeting of APSA was held April 17, 1970. This was a time before board certification for pediatric surgery, before approved training programs and approved standards of training. APSA is honored to have had as members surgeons who are considered founders of the pediatric surgery specialty. Our history is full of the men and women who have created training programs and standards; who have created tools and techniques specific to the needs of a small pediatric patient; who have researched how medical conditions uniquely affect the pediatric patient; and who continue to direct and develop the field of pediatric surgery to ensure the best care for their patients and families.

View the list of APSA’s Past Presidents.

For more details about the APSA’s early history, subscribers to the Journal of Pediatric Surgery should read “A Brief Account of the Founding of the American Pediatric Surgical Association,” by Dr. Lucien L. Leape. [Leape, L.L. (1996) A Brief Account of the Founding of the American Pediatric Surgical Association. Journal of Pediatric Surgery, 33(1), 12-18.

The Pediatric Surgery Tree – The Academic Genealogy of Pediatric Surgery

Trace your lineage to where you fit within the North American pediatric surgery academic tree. APSA is grateful to the History Committee for their work on this project.

Saving Lifetimes Anniversary Book

This book celebrates those who dedicated their lives to the surgical care of infants and children and was presented as part of the 50th anniversary of the American Pediatric Surgical Association meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, May 19–22, 2019. Saving Lifetimes was created by Don Nakayama, David Powell, Mary Fallat, George W. Holcomb III. We appreciate all their efforts and especially acknowledge Dr. Powell, Dr. Fallat and the APSA Foundation for funding the book.