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The 2021 meeting ends on May 22,
but the learning continues with PedSurgTV

Included with annual meeting registration, PedSurgTV is your new source for rich and educational pediatric surgery content. Scheduled to provide 25+ hours of APSAsodes over the course of a year, broadcasts include:

  • Four topic-based scientific episodes
  • Eighteen APSA committee episodes with both deep dives into scientific abstracts and content designed to meet specific contemporary practice gaps, including DEI, ethics and wellness
  • An advisory session specifically designed for residents and students, including NEW medical student posters
  • Jay and Margie Grosfeld Symposium
  • Award presentations
  • Foundation Scholar presentations

Check back next week for the complete APSAsode schedule. PedSurgTV programming runs May 26, 2021 through April 6, 2022.