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The American Pediatric Surgical Association has developed multiple ways to keep current on research, techniques and best practices in pediatric surgery and also to earn valuable pediatric surgery Continuing Medical Education credits.

The ExPERT (Exam-based Pediatric surgery Educational Reference Tool) continuing medical education program is an innovative platform designed to help practicing pediatric surgeons incorporate the available medical literature into the care of their patients. It provides integrated self-assessment and continuous certification CME credits.

From presentation to procedures to long-term outcomes, keep the current general surgical care of children at your fingertips. The Pediatric Surgery NaT is written for pediatric surgeons by pediatric surgeons and is designed for those both in practice and in training. It contains learning objectives, images, videos and links to MOC CME and the medical literature. Note: a subscription to ExPERT is required to take advantage of the MOC CME.

Attendees to the APSA Annual Meetings can earn CME credit or MOC credit by answering questions. Access the CME platform through this link and select the Annual Meeting CME channel.

Through monthly literature reviews, many of APSA’s committees make recommendations on scientific literature which is of interest to the pediatric surgeon’s practice, but which may be outside of the usual literature sources that the pediatric surgeon surveys.

Make the Most of your Educational Dollars

Get the broadest access to resources and robust cross-platform integration by subscribing to both ExPERT and the Pediatric Surgery NaT.

  • ExPERT and the Pediatric Surgery NaT can now both be found on APSA’s Pediatric Surgery Library powered by Unbound Medicine; explore more suggested links and related topics generated across the programs.
  • The Pediatric Surgery NaT integrates with the American Board of Surgery SCORE curriculum.
  • A NaT subscription grants full access to the student and parent resources found on APSA’s Pediatric Surgery Library.


Subscriptions for General Surgeons in Rural and Underserved Areas (US and Canada)

General surgeons in rural and underserved areas who take care of pediatric patients are eligible to receive free subscriptions to ExPERT and NaT. Complete this brief request form and we will activate your subscription within 10 business days.