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APSA is proud to have collaborated with the American College of Surgeons on the following resources you can share with your patients and families. Use these resources to create an open enviroment for discussion and education on safe and effective pain management.

You can also direct patients and families to this page on the APSA website.

More information for medical professionals and families can be found here.

New Pain Management Guidelines for Opioids in Pediatric Surgery

New pain management guidelines by senior author Lorrain Kelley-Quon, MD and the American Pediatric Surgical Association Outcomes and Evidence-based Practice Committee were published in JAMA Surgery and highlighted in a November 30 New York Times article by Perri Klass, MD.

Drs. Tom Tracy, David Powell, Andrea Hayes-Jordan, Ellen Reynolds and Barbara Gaines got together for a conversation around the impact and the associated concerns for pain management in general and specialty pediatric surgical practice. This extensive committee work within APSA offers a tremendous opportunity for enhanced education, transparency for opiate prescribing, and alternate pain management strategies for our patients and their families.

Watch the full interview below: