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APSA Foundation Education Grant

Background. Although historically the Foundation has given support to Grosfeld surgeon scholars, due to increasing interest from APSA membership and in line with its mission, APSAF has created a funding opportunity for educational projects.

Definition. An educational project is a discrete activity that will provide members of APSA (surgeons in training, actively practicing surgeons, advanced practice providers) an opportunity to expand their core surgical knowledge and improve their skills and training.

Proposal. The goal of the project should address one or more of the priorities of APSA according to its mission.
  • Develop/advocate for standards of care for infants/children while influencing public policy regarding surgical care of infants/children
  • Encourage discovery/innovation/improvement of patient care
  • Provide methods of disseminating knowledge regarding surgical care of infants/children
  • Offer high quality continuing education for pediatric surgeons
  • Create identity and community among pediatric surgeons
  • Promote a supportive health care environment for children, families, ancillary staff, and pediatric surgeons sustained by economic health

Eligibility and Application

Applications for the 2024 grant were accepted through February 15, 2024. Please check back in December for information about the 2025 grant.

Past Education Grant Recipients

2023 Recipient

Kathleen van Leeuwen, MD

Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Phoenix, AZ

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing: Essential Training for Pediatric Surgeons and Learners

2022 Recipient

The inaugural grant was awarded in 2022 to fund the Peer Support program, a foundational service for members who have experienced an adverse event or another stressor that could benefit from talking with a pediatric surgeon trained in encouraging and bolstering others. The grant funds were used to train APSA peer supporters for 1:1 sessions. Visit the Peer Support Program page to learn more.

Generous donations from APSA members help transform our mission and vision into reality. No donation is too small, and all donations go toward our goal of saving all lifetimes.