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APSA Committees carry out a number of different critical functions for the association. 

The mission of the APSA Critical Care Task Force is to promote optimal care of pediatric surgical patients with critical illness through the development of guidelines for clinical care, education of pediatric surgeons, development of new research, collaboration with pediatric colleagues and patient advocacy.

Pediatric Surgical Critical Care Syllabus & Study Guide

To address critical care knowledge gaps, APSA’s Surgical Critical Care Committee has written this helpful syllabus and study guide. It was created with residents and fellows in mind, but is applicable to anyone wanting to brush up or add to their knowledge in this area. View this resource.

Handbook of Pediatric Surgical Critical Care

The handbook was written by APSA’s Surgical Critical Care Committee: to create a uniform basis for our critical care and pediatric surgical curriculum; to provide another dimension to the training for neonatology, pediatric critical care, and adult critical care fellows; and to be helpful to our colleagues, who already in practice, as a point of reference in the care of the most complex surgical patients. View the handbook.

Surgical Critical Care Committee Literature Reviews

This committee prepares quarterly reviews of the scientific literature which is of interest to the pediatric surgeon’s practice, but which may be outside the usual literature sources that the pediatric surgeon surveys. The selections are reviewed by the members of the Surgical Critical Care Committee, but are not endorsed as definitive practice. These compilations are part of the committee’s goal to help identify best-practice and appropriate standards for clinical management of pediatric surgical disease. Continuing medical education maintenance of certification self-assessment credit for the literature reviews is available through APSA’s ExPERT CME Program. View the Surgical Critical Care Committee Literature Reviews.