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APSA Committees carry out a number of different critical functions for the association. 

The Outcomes and Evidence-based Practice Committee (OEBPC) will facilitate the efforts of APSA members either individually or as an organization to develop clinical outcomes data and evidence-based recommendations relevant to the practice of pediatric surgery. At the request of the APSA membership and/or the BOG of APSA, the OEBPC will serve to identify important areas of clinical guidelines and research in order to formulate and disseminate appropriate recommendations to assist APSA members in their practices. The OEBPC will be a central resource for APSA members to help promote clinical and outcomes research in pediatric surgery. The OEBPC will work collaboratively with other existing APSA committees to identify and address educational and/or programmatic needs and opportunities for the APSA membership as they relate to clinical outcomes.

New Pain Management Guidelines for Opioids in Pediatric Surgery

New pain management guidelines were published in JAMA Surgery and highlighted New York Times article. Watch APSA’s discussion below:

APSA Education Day Evidence Reviews

Each year this committee presents evidence reviews during the APSA Annual Meeting.

Systematic Reviews

Systematic reviews are summaries of the medical literature that are performed using a thorough literature search. Each review addresses a clearly formulated question. Note: Systematic reviews aid, but do not replace, sound clinical reasoning.

OEBP Literature Reviews

This committee prepares monthly reviews of the scientific literature which is of interest to the pediatric surgeon’s practice, but which may be outside the usual literature sources that the pediatric surgeon surveys.  The selections are reviewed by the members of the OEBPC, but are not endorsed as definitive practice. These compilations are part of the committee’s goal to help identify best-practice and appropriate standards for clinical management of pediatric surgical disease. View the OEBP Literature Reviews


This committee is dedicated to helping APSA membership identify best-practice and appropriate standards for clinical management of pediatric surgical disease. Often, the best evidence may consist of opinions and experiences of our membership. Correctly quantifying these experiences and opinions is of critical importance. One of the committee’s responsibilities, as assigned by the APSA Board of Governors, is to examine and approve surveys requested for distribution to the general membership. View the guidelines and surveys.