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Dear APSA Member,

Over the past 3 years, our organization has faced both budget shortfalls and the realities of current operational costs for our Association management. As your representatives, the Board has performed an exhaustive review of APSA expenses and extensive cost cutting. Even with budget reductions, it is clear that our current membership dues will not allow our Association to continue to support the activities and benefits that our members deserve. Sustainability during this period was only achieved with the generous help of our members, through an added sustainability fee, in addition to a significant draw-down of APSA’s essential reserves.

Unlike other organizations, APSA’s membership dues have not been adjusted for increased costs over the past 13 years. Without an incremental increase in membership dues that reflects this reality, APSA will not be able to sustain our current programs.

After careful review by the Finance and Membership Committees, The Board of Governors, Past Presidents Vacanti and Waldhausen and President Barksdale, the Board has voted to increase membership dues to $695 per year for Regular and Associate members. This increase is in line with the cumulative cost of living increases over the past 13 years and is also in line with current dues for similar organizations. With this revenue as our base, and the Board’s commitment to sound budgeting, the APSA membership can be assured that our organization is sustainable. With this support, APSA will retain the capability to maximize or expand our current member benefits.

To help ease the burden of the dues increase and contain the overall cost of membership maintenance, the Board successfully negotiated a significant reduction in cost of the JPS subscriptions from $150/$130 to $85/$70 (print/digital).  The Journal subscriptions are now optional and are no longer required to maintain membership.

As always, APSA members are the support and force behind everything this organization seeks to achieve. The Board is sincerely grateful for your consideration of this necessary adjustment and your continued support.

Please reach out to Tom Tracy with questions, comments and concerns.


Edward Barksdale, MD, President
Jessica Kandel, MD, President-elect
John Waldhausen, MD, Immediate Past President
Marjorie Arca, MD, Treasurer
Casey Calkins, Secretary
Andrea Hayes-Jordan, MD, Governor
Ellen Reynolds, MD, Governor
Barbara Gaines, MD, Governor
Benedict Nwomeh, MD, Governor
Benjamin Zendejas-Mummert, MD, Early Career Representative
Thomas Tracy, MD MBA, Executive Director