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President’s Summer Wellness Message

We trust that the summer weather and the emergence from the pandemic that vaccination has afforded in our families, workplaces and communities is allowing you to return to a greater sense of normalcy and wholeness. However, for some the last 14-16 months may have taken a lingering toll on our identities, purpose and resilience. From a loss of energy and enthusiasm to moral injury to clinical depression, some of us may be suffering in perceived isolation.

We recognize that these are often very private issues. We would first encourage all to consider boldly reaching out to your friends, families and professionals for needed personal support and/or medical care. There are also valuable resources available that may allow us, with other strategies, to grow through these difficulties. We must all take care of our physical, mental and spiritual health to effectively do the work we do for others.

Please visit APSA’s Wellness page for valuable resources.

Edward “Ed” M. Barksdale, Jr., MD
APSA President and the Board of Governors