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Established Resources for Safety and Quality Improvement

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Patient Safety Network
The latest annotated links to patient safety literature, news, and more

American Academy of Pediatrics Quality Improvement Resources
Tools for implementing QI projects

American College of Surgeons Pediatric Surgical Risk Calculator
Enter preoperative information about your patient to provide estimates regarding your patient’s risk of postoperative complications

Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Quality Improvement
ABCs of quality improvement 

Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Provides resources and downloadable tools to use in pediatric surgery practice

Seminars in Pediatric Surgery QSC Chapters 

Seminars in Pediatric Surgery 2015 Dec; Vol 24 (6)

Tsao K and Browne M: “Culture of safety: a foundation for patient care”
Reviews the characteristics of high-reliability organizations including a description of “the culture of safety”

Raval MV and Kenney BD: “Essentials of navigating and teaching surgical quality improvement”
Discusses the culture required for meaningful quality improvement as well as outlines the most commonly practiced methodologies for design and implementation of surgical quality improvement projects

Berman L and Vinocur CD: “Improving quality of pediatric surgery service: Missed opportunities and making it happen”
Describes strategies for obtaining administrative leadership support for quality improvement projects and programs

Marmon LM and Heiss K. “Improving surgeon wellness: The second victim syndrome and quality of care”
Discusses the importance of surgeon wellness and its impact on quality of care

Hsiung GE and Abdullah F: “Improving surgical care for children through multicenter registries and QI collaboratives”
Discusses the use of multicenter registries and collaboratives as a means of improving quality.

Arca MJ, Goldin AB, and Oldham KT: “Optimization of care for the pediatric surgical patient: Why now?”
Provides background information for the American College of Surgeons’ Children’s Surgery Verification program

Richards MK and Goldin AB: “Patient-centered care and quality: Activating the system and the patient”
Uses several case examples to exemplify the principles of patient-centered care

Santore MT and Islam S: “Quality improvement 101 for surgeons: Navigating the alphabet soup”
Provides a description of the history of quality improvement in industry, medicine, and surgery

Skarda D and Barnhart D: “Quality, patient safety, and professional values”
Discusses the importance of incorporating quality improvement education into the curriculum for trainees. Also provides a description of a step-wise process for quality improvement projects

Bruny J and Ziegler M: “Surgical innovation-enhanced quality and the processes that assure patient/provider safety: A surgical conundrum”
Discusses the balance required between innovation and patient safety in order to advance both.

Stein JE and Heiss K: “The Swiss cheese model of adverse event occurrence – Closing the holes”
Describes human factors science and how it pertains to medical error and patient safety

Cameron DB and Rangel SJ: “Variation in pediatric surgical care”
Describes the various types of variations in care, the causes of variations in care, and possible strategies to reduce variations